Summer holidays are here!

Today it sunk in that we won’t be in school for 7 weeks! I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. I’ve had an amazing first year at Lowerplace mostly because I had the chance to teach a fantastic class.

I want to thank you all for the cards, flowers and presents. My home is much brighter because of them.

Have a safe summer and see you in September…

Learning Logs

Last week the homework was all about plants. 3b thought about discovering new plants and imagined the adventures they could have with a magical plant. We were so amazed with some of the ideas that we ended up with a lot of learning log stars. The most we have ever had!

Learning Logs on PhotoPeach

Looking at all these learning logs has made me wish these plants were real!

Day 2

Well some of day 2. There are still more pictures to come. I’m thinking of putting them on to a CD and maybe selling them for 50p – £1 to cover the cost of buying CDs. What do you think?

Day 2 on PhotoPeach

Day 1

Here are some pictures of our first day.

Day 1 on PhotoPeach

Keep an eye out for more pictures!

Exclusive interview with Miss Mia Moulton

Last week Lorisse was our golden girl. She got the award for always bringing in an amazing learning log. This week she is sharing some of her tips and tricks in an interview with Miss Sheehy.

How long do you spend working on your learning log?

The work can take me an hour or an hour and a half but I have a snack break inbetween. Sometimes I start it on one day and finish it on another day.

Does anyone help you with your homework?

All the family help me with my work. I like having my family helping me and I enjoy it.

What do you use to help you do your homework?

I use the computer to help and my brain.

Which has been your favourite learning log topic?

I enjoyed all the different topics. I find it fun.

So, there you are some advise from our expert learning log star!


Keep an eye out for more pictures from our trip and also this week's learning log stars!

It’s all over…

We’re now seated on the coach heading home. We can’t believe it’s all over already! We’ve had an unforgettable time And can’t wait to share our memories. Here’s a sneak preview….


Guess who we’ve just met?



No signal!

Morning all,

We’ve just had a delicious breakfast which felt like a 3 course meal! We’re now getting ready for another exciting day of activities. Unfortunately we’ve not had much signal so we haven’t been able to update the blog.

See you all soon!

Break time!

We’re now on a mini break after having a great time looking for artefacts on our archeological dig and shielding ourselves from Celts who threw rocks at us!